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The art of Barbecue

Lamb&Cumin now in Sydney,Gold Coast and Brisbane

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The art of barbecue

Perfect for Home cooking,Party and Events

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In 2013, the first Lamb and Cumin  casual kebab was born in Sydney. It gradually changed into an OZBBQ meal structure with multiple varieties, multiple flavors, and both main and side food. OZBBQ has learned from the traditional Chinese barbecue and combined different flavoring and marinating methods of barbecues in different regions. Innovatively developed unique skewer cuisine.
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to Chinese classic BBQ
Barbecue is a very common cooking method  in the world, and meat is the soul of barbecue. Variety is the spice of life,cooking plays a very important part in it.

Australia is an immigrant country with a diverse food culture with people from all over the world. They live leisurely and happily in this wonderful country. At the same time, they also brought variety delicious foods from their countries, the chinese barbecue is one of them.

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